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Clean, Safe, Cheap Drinking Water

Via Wired:

Dean Kamen, the prolific inventor of the segway, ibot, insulin pump, etc. has developed a water purification machine driven by the relatively obscure sterling engine. The above link profiles the “slingshot” and includes a video of Kamen on the Colbert report. Hilarity ensues…. đŸ™‚

Some great quotes from Dean Kamen:

“50% of all human disease is caused by water borne pathogens.”

“Just to make an ordinary bottle of water takes about 5 liters of water to make one liter of bottled water.”

“It takes 250 gallons of water going into a cow to make one quart of milk.”


Save Dallas Water!

Conserve Water in Your Shower

From our weekly email:

This week’s green tip: Save water when you shower. One person can use almost 11,000 gallons a year if they take a 15 minute shower every day. New shower heads that beat the federally regulated 2.5 gallons per minute are available and deliver enough pressure. Visit our blog at to see the shower heads and find out other tips on reducing water use.

I found the shower heads referenced above by thumbing through my newly arrived copy of Readymade magazine. They reviewed 3 shower heads that beat the EPA Efficiency Standards. They also reviewed a fourth shower head that matches the standard while filtering out chlorine and other chemicals from the water. It also uses magnets and other fancy methods to “increas(e) hydration by 115% over tap water, moisturizing your hair and skin without the residue of lotions”.¹ The reviewers at Readymade didn’t notice any difference in the moisture of their skin and hair during the review period, but they did find out that the other water sipping shower heads were plenty strong and well designed. You can read the review in the free digital April/May edition (pg. 22).

If you don’t want to buy a new shower head, but still want to save water while participating in the daily cleaning ritual, you can always take a shorter shower. To find out how much water you will save you can visit the federal governments water usage calculator. While there you can estimate just your shower water usage or go whole hog and calculate how much water you use in a full day.

Additionally, you can save water by simply reducing the water flow from your hot or cold water faucets to regulate temperature instead of increasing the flow. For example, if you need hotter water, decrease the cold water in the mix instead of increasing the hot.


Water purification for the other 90%. A low cost ($2) water purification device for those living in third world countries.

Life Straw

(image borrowed from flickr user Nieuwslicht)