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Vermicomposting Followup

Just wanted to give a little press to one of the commentors on our last thread. Molly Day wrote:

Hi –
Thanks for the lead on Terracycle. I’m raising compost worms to give away on Earth Day in Muskogee Oklahoma.
My goal is to give away 200 kits to try to spread the word to more people, especially young gardeners who don’t think about food scraps and landfills.

She has posted an update on the program at her blog, All the Dirt on Gardening. Check it out and if you are in the area and have kids. This would be a great chance to teach them something green.


Worm…. Excreta

If you are a gardener, you probably already know that worm “castings” or vermicompost is a “nutrient-rich, natural fertilizer and soil conditioner”¹. What is it exactly? Well, as the title of this post hints at, it is basically worm poop. That’s right. It’s refuse from our wiggly little friends. The best thing about vermicompost is that it is completely natural and uses organic material such as kitchen waste (coffee grounds, moldy bread, leftovers, etc.) or even, in the case of commercial operations, brewery jetsam.

At the forefront of commercially available worm casting products is a company called Terracycle. It was started by a young guy by the name of Tom Szaky. While attending Princeton, he noticed his friend running a vermicomposting bin to create fertilizer for plants. He and his friends decided to recreate this on a large scale. After initial funding issues, they finally were able to get their company up and running. As a testament to their business savvy and great products, they are still around. And since they are committed to being a sustainable organization, they package all their fertilizers in used soda bottles.

If you want to learn more about vermicomposting or would like to build your own setup, visit this wikipedia article. You can learn more about terracycle and find places to purchase their goods by visiting their site,