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Green Holiday Gift Ideas

Have one more person on your list and can’t think of what to get them? How about a homemade gift made out of recycled materials?

Remember to wrap it in recycled or recyclable gift wrapping.


Chris Jordan pictures some shocking stats | Video on

Another TED video. Chris Jordan puts our excess into pictures. That’s a lot of plastic cups!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Chris Jordan pictures some shocking s…“, posted with vodpod


Thank you to everyone that followed the link from our weekly email! We at Phoneraiser want to provide you with the best service possible. We think that part of this includes holding promotions and competitions that interest you and improve your fundraising. We are looking for ideas from you, our fundraising community, for new kinds of promotions. Ideally, these promotions would interest you and spur you to act. We want to provide promotions that motivate our partners to collect and send in more phones. This will have two effects. 1. Help you to raise more money. 2. Keep more potentially toxic cell phones out of our landfills. 

Some of the ideas that we have kicked around are:

  • A monthly award of a $100 visa gift card to the organization that sends in the most phones.
  • Providing coupons (either for an extra percentage or a dollar amount added to their next check) to the organizations that can answer quiz questions provided in our email
  • Phoneraiser poster competitions for elementary age students. The best design wins a pizza party for that students class.

If you have an idea for a promotion or you like (or dislike) any of the ideas above, please leave us a comment by clicking on the comment link above.

Worm…. Excreta

If you are a gardener, you probably already know that worm “castings” or vermicompost is a “nutrient-rich, natural fertilizer and soil conditioner”¹. What is it exactly? Well, as the title of this post hints at, it is basically worm poop. That’s right. It’s refuse from our wiggly little friends. The best thing about vermicompost is that it is completely natural and uses organic material such as kitchen waste (coffee grounds, moldy bread, leftovers, etc.) or even, in the case of commercial operations, brewery jetsam.

At the forefront of commercially available worm casting products is a company called Terracycle. It was started by a young guy by the name of Tom Szaky. While attending Princeton, he noticed his friend running a vermicomposting bin to create fertilizer for plants. He and his friends decided to recreate this on a large scale. After initial funding issues, they finally were able to get their company up and running. As a testament to their business savvy and great products, they are still around. And since they are committed to being a sustainable organization, they package all their fertilizers in used soda bottles.

If you want to learn more about vermicomposting or would like to build your own setup, visit this wikipedia article. You can learn more about terracycle and find places to purchase their goods by visiting their site,

Local and National Earth Day Events

Earth Day 2008 is fast approaching. Some events that are happening locally are:

Dallas EarthFest, Friday, April 18th: “The premier Earth Day Celebration for Dallas’ Downtown Community”

Oak Cliff Earth Day Festival, Sunday, April 20th: “Promoting awareness of the environment and our place in it, and environmental conservation in our government, neighborhood, and ourselves.”

Earth Day at the Amon Carter Museum, Sunday, April 13th: “Be creative with recycled materials, listen to lively stories, and see how American artists have used their art to advocate for the earth.”

Tandy Hills Prairie Fest, Saturday, April 26: “An outdoor festival to celebrate our connection to the natural world through Music, Art, Dance, Environmental Stewardship & Wildflower Tours.”

To find Earth Day events in your area, you can visit the Earth Day networks search tool.

How are we celebrating? By giving away $1000 to the organization that has sent in the most phones between January 22nd and April 18th. To find out more, visit our Earth Day competition page here.

Phoneraiser March Promotion

We will be announcing Phoneraiser’s current promotions on the blog. We want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to take advantage of these.

Phoneraiser’s current promotion:
Send your shipment in before March 23rd and you will:

1. Receive a 15% bonus. No coupon needed!

2. Be entered to win $1000 in phoneraiser’s Earth Day campaign. Visit for more details.

If you need free FedEx labels to take advantage of the offer and have already signed up, call us at 1-800-873-8908. If you have a printer, you can also print out them out using our FedEx prepaid label form.


Repurpose that Ipod Packaging

Reuse that ipod shuffle or nano packaging to create a set of ipod speakers. You could do this yourself if you were handy with a soldering iron and had a couple of speakers laying around, but here is an easier way: