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Phoneraiser Partners in the News #2

The second entry in our Phoneraiser Partners in the News.

Best Buddies is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with intellectual disabilities


Fundraising Q & A

We recently received this question in the form of a comment on our about page:

I am looking to start a non profit org. for alternative fuels. My goal is to travel cross country, in my dodge diesel towing a travel trailer, using only vegi oil from restaurants. I also want to educate and continue research in hydrogen fuel along the way. I am good with business and technical issues however, I am new to the fundraising/donation avenue and am looking for advice and where to start. I don’t have alot of money so I cannot affor to pay a fundrairser to do it for me.
Any help would be useful,
Thanks in advance,

It’s a great question and the cause definitely fits into what we do here. I started typing a response in the form of another comment, but decided it would fit even better as a post. Read on for the response…


While we are a fundraising company, we don’t specialize in the large scale corporate fundraising you are discussing. Some of the same things that we see work for our fundraising partners would probably translate to your project.

Getting the word out about what you are doing is the most important step. And speaking to people face to face about what you are doing, while not as fast as other methods, is the most effective way of doing that. Often you will find that if something is on your mind, it will naturally come up in your day to day conversations. Don’t discount emails and letters, though. They can also pique interest in your cause.

Coincidentally, a co-worker of ours is involved with a run across the U.S. called “Running America.” He became involved with the project through a chance encounter, decided he wanted to be involved, and worked towards that goal. He will be traveling with them across America and handing out our prepaid “one million cell phones” return envelopes.

That brings me to another technique; align yourself with a similar cause or event. There is power in numbers! Just like when our partners collect cell phones at football games, or even the example above, you could coordinate with a similar event or events across the U.S.  I would even encourage you to contact Running America to see if there is a way that you could get involved. They are also interested in being environmentally friendly with their cross-country trip.

Thanks for your question Nick!

Local and National Earth Day Events

Earth Day 2008 is fast approaching. Some events that are happening locally are:

Dallas EarthFest, Friday, April 18th: “The premier Earth Day Celebration for Dallas’ Downtown Community”

Oak Cliff Earth Day Festival, Sunday, April 20th: “Promoting awareness of the environment and our place in it, and environmental conservation in our government, neighborhood, and ourselves.”

Earth Day at the Amon Carter Museum, Sunday, April 13th: “Be creative with recycled materials, listen to lively stories, and see how American artists have used their art to advocate for the earth.”

Tandy Hills Prairie Fest, Saturday, April 26: “An outdoor festival to celebrate our connection to the natural world through Music, Art, Dance, Environmental Stewardship & Wildflower Tours.”

To find Earth Day events in your area, you can visit the Earth Day networks search tool.

How are we celebrating? By giving away $1000 to the organization that has sent in the most phones between January 22nd and April 18th. To find out more, visit our Earth Day competition page here.

Phoneraiser March Promotion

We will be announcing Phoneraiser’s current promotions on the blog. We want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to take advantage of these.

Phoneraiser’s current promotion:
Send your shipment in before March 23rd and you will:

1. Receive a 15% bonus. No coupon needed!

2. Be entered to win $1000 in phoneraiser’s Earth Day campaign. Visit for more details.

If you need free FedEx labels to take advantage of the offer and have already signed up, call us at 1-800-873-8908. If you have a printer, you can also print out them out using our FedEx prepaid label form.