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Highway energy collection devices

Interesting approach to energy generation/collection. The force created from vehicles driving over a device generates electricity.

There are some interesting remarks in the comments, though, about it actually making the vehicles that drive over it less efficient. That energy needs to come from somewhere… The comments do discuss the possibility of installing it in areas where speed needs to be scrubbed anyways.


Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

A fascinating proposed method for harvesting energy from the sea. Sounds limited in it’s usefulness in different locals, but it seems as though it would immensely benefit the areas where it could be deployed.

Silly Putty Lights

From Engadget:

The team of scientists has created a white, fluorescent material which can be used to create white light, yet can be molded into a number of shapes….The combo can handle temperatures to 500 degrees Celsius, uses half the power of typical fluorescent lights, and will last longer than white LEDs due to heat resistance.

Cool stuff. Unfortunately, there their source is subscription only. Good to see that lighting technology is advancing beyond potentially toxic cfl’s and even LED’s. It would be great if the construction process and composition of this material will is non-toxic (and it makes it out of the development phase).