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Highway energy collection devices

Interesting approach to energy generation/collection. The force created from vehicles driving over a device generates electricity.

There are some interesting remarks in the comments, though, about it actually making the vehicles that drive over it less efficient. That energy needs to come from somewhere… The comments do discuss the possibility of installing it in areas where speed needs to be scrubbed anyways.


Hypermiling – Eco-driving

On this blog, we often touch on fuel efficiency and ways to increase it (see exhibit 1, 2, 3, etc.). Maybe we spend a little too much time thinking about it, but the if you want to see people that take obsessing over fuel economy to new levels, visit the following links. and

The first three links are to groups and websites that cover “hypermiling”. Hypermiling is all about eaking the last bit of fuel efficiency out of your car by various means. These methods can include gadgets that accurately measure your fuel consumption, driving methods, and even modifying your car to raise your mpg number.

The third link is to a website describing “ecodriving”, a set of guidelines that can be followed to increase your fuel efficiency. The term has caught on in Europe. It is very similar to hypermiling, but is more of an institution with consultants and wide acceptance.

For an interesting and fairly humorous look at the concepts of eco-driving, check out this video from Top Gear of a fuel efficiency comparison between a Toyota Prius driven at full throttle versus an M3.

Quirky Commercial for the Chevy Volt

Found on the Autopia Blog:

Some more news on Electric Cars:

A bit of criticism for EV’s:

Grease Car by Choix Du Jour

Trailer for a movie about a cross country trip in a veggie oil fueled 1981 Mercedes. Includes interviews with celebrities like Morgan Freeman, Yoko Ono, Tommy Chong, and Noam Chomsky.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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More Volkswagen “News”

What better way to follow up a Volkswagen post than with another Volkswagen post? It’s “news” because it happened back in March.  At the Geneva Motor Show, Volkswagen unveiled a “Dual-Fuel” Passat that can either be run on natural gas or conventional gasoline. It is still a prototype, but it provides flexibility with regards to fuel supply. And if run only on natural gas, it reduces emissions compared to regular gasoline.

The People’s Gas Mileage

From the Wired Auto Blog: The people’s car is taking the lead in high gas mileage vehicles. The “One-Liter” is a 660 lbs. 2 seater Volkswagen that gets 235 miles per gallon. It achieves this extremely low weight and high gas mileage with a carbon fiber body mated to a highly efficient one liter engine. VW had planned to hold off until 2012 to produce the vehicle citing the high cost of the carbon fiber. Since the carbon fiber technology has developed so quickly thanks to it’s use in many industries, including aerospace, the price of the material has come down to reasonable levels. Volkswagen only plans on producing small numbers of this niche vehicle, but it is a great study in what uber-high gas mileage requires.

North American Solar Challenge

The North American Solar Challenge will be starting on July 13th just a few miles from the Phoneraiser offices. They will be racing from Plano, Tx (a suburb of Dallas) to Calgary, Alberta. According to their press materials, the NASC “is designed to inspire young people to pursue careers in science and engineering.

“The NASC promotes:

  • Renewable energy technologies (specifically photovoltaic or “solar cells”)
  • Educational excellence in science, engineering and mathematics
  • Creative integration of technical and scientific expertise across a wide-range of disciplines
  • “Hands-on” experience for students and engineers to develop and demonstrate their technical and creative abilities
  • Environmental consciousness”

Pictures from the race:

Information and History of the American Solar Challenge:

Some Teams entered in the Race:,,