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Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

A fascinating proposed method for harvesting energy from the sea. Sounds limited in it’s usefulness in different locals, but it seems as though it would immensely benefit the areas where it could be deployed.


WFAA Channel 8 Project Green

One of Dallas’s local news stations has set up a website chock full of green tips and news. It’s worth a visit.

The site also links to a blog with local green news.

Phoneraiser Partners in the News #2

The second entry in our Phoneraiser Partners in the News.

Best Buddies is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with intellectual disabilities

The Electric Mini Cooper

Think it’s a great idea? Well, if you live in select locales in the U.S., you might be able to lease one. BMW has announced that they will be producing 500 electric Mini Coopers for a special pilot program. Only a lucky few, 490 to be exact, in southern California, New Jersey, and New York will be able to lease these little 204 hp pocket (electric) rockets for one year.

If you are in one of those areas and are interested, I would recommend high-tailing it to a Mini dealer to get specifics. There might be a line…

More info: (tree-hugger incorrectly lists it as only available in California)

Phoneraiser Partners in the News

A lot of our fundraising partners do a wonderful job of getting the word out. Some even do such a great job that they attract media attention. This is the first post of hopefully many highlighting phoneraiser groups that have had the good fortune to be featured in local or national news.

Our first “Phoneraiser Partner in the News” is the Big Spring All Creatures Sanctuary and Rescue.

An animal rescue group from Big Spring is asking that you donate your old cell phones so they can help animals.

Hypermiling – Eco-driving

On this blog, we often touch on fuel efficiency and ways to increase it (see exhibit 1, 2, 3, etc.). Maybe we spend a little too much time thinking about it, but the if you want to see people that take obsessing over fuel economy to new levels, visit the following links. and

The first three links are to groups and websites that cover “hypermiling”. Hypermiling is all about eaking the last bit of fuel efficiency out of your car by various means. These methods can include gadgets that accurately measure your fuel consumption, driving methods, and even modifying your car to raise your mpg number.

The third link is to a website describing “ecodriving”, a set of guidelines that can be followed to increase your fuel efficiency. The term has caught on in Europe. It is very similar to hypermiling, but is more of an institution with consultants and wide acceptance.

For an interesting and fairly humorous look at the concepts of eco-driving, check out this video from Top Gear of a fuel efficiency comparison between a Toyota Prius driven at full throttle versus an M3.

Breaking: Apple shows commitment to green with new Nano

From the Engadget Live Blog of the “Let’s Rock” Event: Steve Jobs just posted up a slide at the Apple “Let’s Rock” presentation that reiterates their commitment to green manufacturing. They claim that there are fewer toxic materials in the new iPod Nano and that it is highly recyclable.

You can view the slide here: