Props to Linksys

Happy New Year from Phoneraiser! Welcome to our first post of the New Year. We are going to start 2009 off with giving Linksys a pat on the back.

One of our worker bees received a new computer for Christmas. Her old one was slow and unresponsive, so we replaced it with a shiny, new, fast Dell.  She will be able to use it to send out checks to our Phoneraiser partners even faster! 🙂 We went ahead and added a USB wireless adapter to our computer order, specifically an WUSB600N. While setting up the new computer and wireless adapter, I was pleasantly surprised to see the minimalist packaging method that Linksys has employed. All of the materials used (except for maybe the wire ties, not sure if they are truly recycleable or not) are made of recycled materials and are recycleable.


I hope more companies take after Linksys’ lead and start using the minimum amount of packaging possible. Recycled/recycleable packing materials would be icing on the cake. And by the way, that applies to Dell as well. Sadly, the amount of packaging that surrounded the actual computer was excessive and consisted mostly of styrofoam. Thankfully, it looks as though they are aware of it and considering alternatives. The proof is in the pudding though. We will see if Dell can live up to Linksys’ example.


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