Hypermiling – Eco-driving

On this blog, we often touch on fuel efficiency and ways to increase it (see exhibit 1, 2, 3, etc.). Maybe we spend a little too much time thinking about it, but the if you want to see people that take obsessing over fuel economy to new levels, visit the following links.

http://www.hypermiling.com/ and http://www.hypermiling.com/phpBB3/index.php



The first three links are to groups and websites that cover “hypermiling”. Hypermiling is all about eaking the last bit of fuel efficiency out of your car by various means. These methods can include gadgets that accurately measure your fuel consumption, driving methods, and even modifying your car to raise your mpg number.

The third link is to a website describing “ecodriving”, a set of guidelines that can be followed to increase your fuel efficiency. The term has caught on in Europe. It is very similar to hypermiling, but is more of an institution with consultants and wide acceptance.

For an interesting and fairly humorous look at the concepts of eco-driving, check out this video from Top Gear of a fuel efficiency comparison between a Toyota Prius driven at full throttle versus an M3.


1 Response to “Hypermiling – Eco-driving”

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