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PureEnergySystems Wiki

Stumbled across this today:

It’s sort of a google news exclusively for alternative energy. Every day they list alt-energy news stories from around the world. Some links are to news sources and some go to their extensive wiki.

Some interesting stories from the front page:

First full scale off-shore floating wind turbine to be built in Norway

Clean energy company Bourne Energy is developing tidal electricity generators that will purify water

I actually came across the site because of this awesome video a friend forwarded to me. “Only three things I’m afraid of, electricity, heights, and women.”



Clean, Safe, Cheap Drinking Water

Via Wired:

Dean Kamen, the prolific inventor of the segway, ibot, insulin pump, etc. has developed a water purification machine driven by the relatively obscure sterling engine. The above link profiles the “slingshot” and includes a video of Kamen on the Colbert report. Hilarity ensues…. 🙂

Some great quotes from Dean Kamen:

“50% of all human disease is caused by water borne pathogens.”

“Just to make an ordinary bottle of water takes about 5 liters of water to make one liter of bottled water.”

“It takes 250 gallons of water going into a cow to make one quart of milk.”

Bike to work day/week/month

Friday, May 16th is bike-to-work day. This event, put on by the League of American Bicyclists, tries to get more people out of their cars and on bikes. This week is also bike to work week. For those with the fortitude to extend their bike commuting even further, the League of American Bicyclists challenges you to bike to work the entire week.

Perhaps one of the most difficult things about bike commuting is selecting your route. For most bike commuters, especially in car-centric cities such as Dallas, safety is the primary concern. A few great resources for mapping out your route are,, and The first two are great for finding routes in your area that have already been ridden by pioneering cyclists. The third is a great tool for simply playing with your route and finding elevation change and distance information. For example, I will be riding this route on Friday. All of these sites are based on Google maps, so they have great user interfaces.

If you are located in Dallas, another great resource for bike commuters is the DORBA (Dallas Off-Road Bicycle Association) Commuter Channel. There you can ask questions about your route, how to pack for commuting to work, or anything else. Registration is required to post, but it is quick and painless. Many other cities have groups or clubs that cater to bicycle commuters. Usually, a quick Google search is all you need to find them.

So, are any of you up to the challenge?