Fundraising Tip – Phoneraiser Videos on Youtube

This is the first of many posts outlining tips and resources for successful fundraising with Phoneraiser. I hope you find them useful!

Phoneraiser has recently released the Phoneraiser video series on youtube. Cell phone fundraising is a foreign idea to many people. If you need to educate a board or other members of your organization on what a Phoneraiser is and how it can help your organization raise much needed cash, you can show them a video or all the videos from our Phoneraiser Video Series.

Our first video describes how Phoneraiser works and is a great introductory video for anyone who knows very little about cell phone recycling fundraisers.

The second video in the Phoneraiser series explains how to hold a successful Phoneraiser campaign. This video is helpful for anyone who has just signed up with Phoneraiser and needs help with the next step in their campaign.

Our third video covers Phoneraiser’s philosophy. You can view Phoneraiser staff in their native habitat and also learn about Phoneraiser’s take on service and the environment.


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