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Local and National Earth Day Events

Earth Day 2008 is fast approaching. Some events that are happening locally are:

Dallas EarthFest, Friday, April 18th: “The premier Earth Day Celebration for Dallas’ Downtown Community”

Oak Cliff Earth Day Festival, Sunday, April 20th: “Promoting awareness of the environment and our place in it, and environmental conservation in our government, neighborhood, and ourselves.”

Earth Day at the Amon Carter Museum, Sunday, April 13th: “Be creative with recycled materials, listen to lively stories, and see how American artists have used their art to advocate for the earth.”

Tandy Hills Prairie Fest, Saturday, April 26: “An outdoor festival to celebrate our connection to the natural world through Music, Art, Dance, Environmental Stewardship & Wildflower Tours.”

To find Earth Day events in your area, you can visit the Earth Day networks search tool.

How are we celebrating? By giving away $1000 to the organization that has sent in the most phones between January 22nd and April 18th. To find out more, visit our Earth Day competition page here.


The New Frontier in Biofuels

Algae? It’s green, it’s everywhere. New technologies are being developed to capture the oils that Algae naturally produce. This oil has already been proven able to be used as biodiesel. The only unknown is if this technology can be recreated on a large enough scale to be reliably used as a fuel.


Water purification for the other 90%. A low cost ($2) water purification device for those living in third world countries.

Life Straw

(image borrowed from flickr user Nieuwslicht)

Phoneraiser March Promotion

We will be announcing Phoneraiser’s current promotions on the blog. We want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to take advantage of these.

Phoneraiser’s current promotion:
Send your shipment in before March 23rd and you will:

1. Receive a 15% bonus. No coupon needed!

2. Be entered to win $1000 in phoneraiser’s Earth Day campaign. Visit for more details.

If you need free FedEx labels to take advantage of the offer and have already signed up, call us at 1-800-873-8908. If you have a printer, you can also print out them out using our FedEx prepaid label form.


Smart’s in Dallas!

I had my first Smart car siting today! The land of the SUV has finally been infiltrated by tiny plastic cars! The strange thing about this though, is that the one I saw was a CDi with Ontario plates. Strange. I know their are more of them around, though. My wife has occasionally been seeing them on US-75 (central expressway to the locals) prior to today.

As far as I know, the CDi has not arrived in the states yet. (Hopefully someone will say otherwise in the comments.) This is unfortunate because a Smart car equipped with the CDi diesel engine can get up to 71 mpg. 71 MPG. Not a typo. The reason they are not in the U.S.? Emissions laws. That may seem backwards, but the most stringent emissions laws in the U.S. (those based on California’s) prohibit diesel cars because of the higher particulate levels in their exhaust. Newer “50 state legal” diesels are coming on-line in the near future because of new engine technology and new lower sulfur diesel, but it can’t come soon enough. High gas prices will be the major driver of demand for these cars, but America’s dependency on oil from weak states, the environmental cost from our insatiable demand for energy, and a myriad of other reasons highlight the need for these cars.

I look forward to when they arrive. For now, I am really happy to see people adopting tiny cars right here in DFW.

Mcdonald’s Backs Biofuels in Britian

How’s that for alliteration? This is a little behind the times (well more than a little, the story broke over 7 months ago) but it’s great news none the less. As of this year, the Mcdonald’s fleet of trucks (lorries to those on the other side of the pond) in the UK will be using Mcdonald’s own used cooking oil as fuel. Mcdonald’s is often used as a punching bag by health advocates and is often seen as a symbol of what is wrong with American corporations, but this is certainly a step in the right direction. This action will prevent over 1,650 tons of carbon emissions and is an example of how a company can use take small steps towards becoming more sustainable. Here’s hoping they will bring this program to their home turf.