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Wind Turbine Carnage!

You hate to see any type of renewable energy source taken out of commission, but it sure is cool to watch. The wind turbine self destructs after it’s brakes fail to slow it down in high winds. Story.


Repurpose that Ipod Packaging

Reuse that ipod shuffle or nano packaging to create a set of ipod speakers. You could do this yourself if you were handy with a soldering iron and had a couple of speakers laying around, but here is an easier way:

Urban Forestry

What do you think of when you hear the word “trees?” You may think of greenery, your favorite tree at the local park, or the sound they make when the wind blows through their leaves. These things are all pretty positive. You may even call trees soothing.

Now scientists are starting to measure the physiological impact that trees have on people. Not surprisingly, people’s heart rates have been shown to drop around trees. Even more intriguing are the studies that focused on patients with views of trees outside their hospital room and those without. Those with the views of trees required less pain medication and were able to leave the hospital quicker.

This University of Georgia article goes over all of this and discusses the relief that trees may provide in an urban setting.

There are many groups that are championing the cause of urban forestry. There is even one dedicated to improving and expanding urban forests in the north central Texas area. Texas Trees Foundation plants trees, ensures a healthy supply of plant-able trees, and provides education on the importance of trees in an urban environment.


Solar’s day as an economical alternative to coal may have come. Nanosolar has started selling their “printed” solar cells.