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Network for Good – Using Technology for Fundraising

Thought I would drop this little tidbit in here for all of our nonprofits. Network for Good provides non-profits with technology tools for fundraising. The even offer online training seminars on nonprofit marketing and online fundraising.

It looks to be a good option for expanding your fundraising beyond traditional methods.


Explosions for the Greater Good

Blowing things up in the name of conservation? It makes sense if you are blowing up levees in order to restore wetlands. If you like explosions and protecting the environment (and really, who doesn’t?) follow the link below to read about it and watch a video of the action.

California Academy of Sciences

An amazing building is being built in Golden Gate Park. Check it out:

My New Favorite Magazine

For some reason I have been on a magazine purchasing kick lately. Granted, buying two magazines isn’t much of a kick for most people. I, on the other hand, out of a weird consumer guilt rarely buy impulse items. The first magazine purchased is one of my favorites, Car and Driver. The latest issue has a great article about driving Canada’s punishing Dempster Highway. In a corvette. Apparently, this has been done before by one of Car and Driver’s writers back in the 1970’s. This latest trek was completed using a testbed C6 corvette. Anyways, a good read.

I picked up the second magazine from the checkout aisle of a local health food store. It is quickly proving to be my favorite. Good Magazine is “for people that give a damn.” It is written and designed to appeal to the young, socially conscious, and hip. The writing can range from insightful, “The New Nostradamus”, a discussion with a game theorist that can mathematically predict the future, to irreverent, “Get a Life”, an “expose” on Second Life. This new take on spreading social awareness is the brainchild of Ben Goldhirsh, the son and heir of father Bernie Goldhirsh, the creator of Inc. magazine. He also owns and runs Reason Pictures, an outfit that aims to make relevant entertaining movies that confront real issues.

The best part about Good magazine is the fact that 100% of subscription dollars go to a charity of the subscriber’s choice. The cost of producing the magazine is covered by advertising and out of Goldhirsh’s pocket.

Interested in subscribing? Visit