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Like AAA, but better.

While researching for a post, I came across this: Apparently, this organization is an auto club that focuses on reducing the harmful impact that cars have on the environment. They offer roadside assistance just like the “other” club, but they donate 1% of their annual revenues to “environmental clean-up and advocacy and by providing unique eco-friendly travel alternatives.”

Something else that I think is very innovative about this club is their bicycle plan. If you break down on your bike, they will come out and rescue you.

As an aside, the reason this club exists is because of AAA’s reputation of being a lobbyist organization bent on preserving our extremely car dependent culture. They lobby against stricter emission controls, for highway expansion, and against bike paths. And, where in the past AAA has primarily existed to provide roadside assistance, and road safety and automobile advocacy, they have been accused of turning themselves into a travel agency that suppresses controversial safety reports in order to maintain membership levels.


Rich…. and Green

An older article/slideshow, but interesting none the less. The “greenest” billionares according to Forbes: