Green Mountain Energy

In most of Texas, electricity is a deregulated indstry. To the benefit or detriment (that is another post for another blog) of prices, there has been one large environmental benefit. Green Mountain Energy is an electricty company that uses non-polluting energy sources. They do it by adding additional “clean” electricity to the grid according to how many customers they have. Their energy sources include wind, solar, water, geothermal, biomass, and natural gas. In Texas, they have funded wind farms such as the Green Mountain Energy Wind Farm at Brazos and solar electricity development.

And, to the benefit of the environment, if you live in Florida, New Jersey, New York, or Oregon you can enjoy having energy that you know to be non-polluting. According to an EPA website, “Fossil fuel-fired power plants are responsible for 67 percent of the nation’s sulfur dioxide emissions, 23 percent of nitrogen oxide emissions, and 40 percent of man-made carbon dioxide emissions.” Cars are indeed a major contributor of many greenhouse gases as well as pollutants, but electricity production is also an area that we as a country can improve.

A side benefit of Green Mountain entering (besides being cheaper than the big guy, TXU) the market is the fact that other companies have started offering green electricity packages as a result.

I will end this post by saying that we aren’t affiliated with Green Mountain, but we do use them for our electricity company. If you live in a state that posesses a deregulated electricity market, check out Green Mountain Energy or any other company that produces green electricty.


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