Earth Friendly Gift Wrapping

Lots of gifts will be given during the holidays. They are a great symbol of the love that we have for the important people in our lives. By the time everything is done there will be tons of opened presents and used wrapping paper. Most of that paper will only be used once. To compound the problem, most paper that is used for gift wrapping contains dyes that prevent the paper from being recycled.

There are a couple of ways around this problem. One is to use papers that can be recycled. These would be wrapping papers that use vegetable based ink or unprinted butcher paper. A natural brown paper is recyclable and, when used along with twine instead of ribbon, provides a unique looking package that will set your gifts apart from the rest.

Another solution would be to put gifts in reusable bags. Most people will keep them and use them again for another gift. This will provide provide at least one more use for something that would otherwise be thrown in the trash.

Of course, you get brownie points if any of these products are made from recycled materials to begin with.

So, good luck to everyone that is still trying to find the perfect gift. If you only wrap a couple of presents in eco-friendly wrapping, it will be a start.


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