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Earth Friendly Gift Wrapping

Lots of gifts will be given during the holidays. They are a great symbol of the love that we have for the important people in our lives. By the time everything is done there will be tons of opened presents and used wrapping paper. Most of that paper will only be used once. To compound the problem, most paper that is used for gift wrapping contains dyes that prevent the paper from being recycled.

There are a couple of ways around this problem. One is to use papers that can be recycled. These would be wrapping papers that use vegetable based ink or unprinted butcher paper. A natural brown paper is recyclable and, when used along with twine instead of ribbon, provides a unique looking package that will set your gifts apart from the rest.

Another solution would be to put gifts in reusable bags. Most people will keep them and use them again for another gift. This will provide provide at least one more use for something that would otherwise be thrown in the trash.

Of course, you get brownie points if any of these products are made from recycled materials to begin with.

So, good luck to everyone that is still trying to find the perfect gift. If you only wrap a couple of presents in eco-friendly wrapping, it will be a start.


The Tesla Roadster

I really hope everyone has enjoyed the blog so far. We welcomed our readers, and described what our blog will be about as well as what e-waste actually is.

I figure we can go a different direction for this post and take a look at something that I came across while surfing the web. Let me give you a little back story.

I have a weakness for a good looking car. This presents a problem. One of the reasons I work at Phoneraiser is because I sincerely and deeply care about the environment. Well, saying that and driving a sports car that gets 13 mpg would be hypocritical. I won’t have to worry about that for two reasons. I couldn’t afford one and I don’t think there is any way I could carry my bikes with it.

Enter the The Tesla Roadster. The latest attempt at producing a viable electric car. When you hear electric car you may think of the 1997 GM EV1 or hybrid electric-gasoline car such as a Toyota Scion. The Tesla is a world apart from both of those. It goes from 0-60 mph in 4 seconds with a top speed of over 130 mph. It has a range of 250 miles on a single charge and is more than twice as efficient as a hybrid.

Unfortunately a Tesla is still out of my reach. I don’t think it will carry my bikes either, but there is hope. The Tesla Motors blog has said that they are developing more practical cars. If they are half as fast and good lookin’ as the roadster, I will be happy.

Electronics Recycling

Our company recycles ink jets and cell phones. These may seem like two completely different things, but we are in an industry that deals with electronic waste recycling. Ink jets and cell phones are just a small part of all of the different types of products that are considered electronic waste. Cell phones, ink jets, computers, computer monitors and LCD displays, TV’s, and even home appliances like refrigerators can all be considered electronic waste. Since technology is constantly changing (have you seen the fridges with TV’s in the door?), new products are purchased and old ones thrown away. All of the toxic chemicals such as lead, mercury, and cadmium that are used to build these devices can eventually end up in water supplies or in otherwise healthy topsoil.

As you can see, Phoneraiser is just a small part of an industry that is trying to solve the worldwide problem of e-waste. There are whole countries that require e-waste to be recycled. Switzerland recycles over 10 kg (22 lbs.) of e-waste a year per capita. Countries that are a part of the European Union are required to recycle at least 4 kg (8.8 lbs) of e-waste per capita.

Currently Phoneraiser is set up to recycle ink jets and phones. Since there are so many different devices that can pollute just as much as phones and ink jets, it is important that people know not to simply throw TV’s and computers in the trash. Most every trash service in the United States is able to deal with e-waste properly. If you have other devices besides ink jets and cell phones, please send them to someone that recycles them or call up your local trash company. If you have cell phones or ink jets send them to Phonereaiser. 🙂

Why Blog?

I have had a little bit of time to reflect on what the purpose of this blog should be (the last post was written a week or so ago). At Phoneraiser we are dedicated to recycling in all forms. We are also constantly looking at ways to increase sustainability in both our business practices as well as our actions effecting the environment. I want this blog to be a tool used to educate people about ways to reduce their use of non-renewable goods and other issues related to environmentalism. I believe that we will also be able to have a conversation with our readers about these issues. If you have good comments about the issues we bring up, please post them. In fact, let us know about any thing else you would like to see on the blog.


Welcome to the new Phoneraiser Blog! We started this blog so that we may be able to better communicate with our fundraising partners and in turn allow our partners to communicate with us. We plan on keeping all of you informed about the goings on of our company while also keeping you informed about electronics recyling in general.

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Michael Popovici. I have been with Phoneraiser for almost two years now, and enjoy my work. It allows me to see the ins and outs of electronic recycling while working with some really great people. Once in a while you may see other people posting on this blog, but I will be the main author.

My vision of the Blog is to give people more of an inside look into our company and what we do. I feel like the more people see of what we do, the more excited they will be about our program.

What is Phoneraiser? Well, we are a Cell Phone and Inkjet Recycling Fundraiser. Groups, Individuals, basically anyone looking to raise money for a cause signs up with us and collects phones. They send them in using our prepaid FedEx shipping labels and we process them according to our price list. We mail a check to them within 10 days of receiving their shipment (realistically it is usually much sooner). Do people make money with our program? Sure! We send out checks every day. We have had groups raise thousands of dollars for their cause.

Please check out our website and let us know what you think. You can also call us at 1-800-873-8908 to speak to us more about our program.

Check back every so often to see what’s going on with us.